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A digital sales transformation can seem to be a daunting proposition for chief sales officers (CSOs) who must focus on making their number for the current year. This type of transformation, which all organizations will eventually need to undergo, reorganizes sales resources, processes and technologies around the experience of digitally empowered buyers, who expect a high degree of personalization and seamless transitions between human and non-human interactions as they pursue their self-directed buyer’s journey and implement the products that they buy.

6 Opportunities to Prioritize in 2020

Sales Leaders: 2020 Planning Guide

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“We discussed extensively our priorities and our strategic alternatives with SiriusDecisions and had a great deal of support. That was very important for us because we needed to get the views of the wider marketplace.”

- David Telford, Senior Director, Global Partner Business Development

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  • - 6 opportunities for CSOs
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In this guide, we describe six opportunities, and the ways you can take advantage of them as a sales leader in 2020.

*Results from the 2018 SiriusDecisions Client Study