Companies that leverage research and advice from SiriusDecisions are 34% more profitable*.

Marketing leaders rely on dynamic information from multiple sources to navigate their organizations into the future. In the short term, they must absorb and process information to make day-to-day decisions. Over the longer term, they must transform their organizations by interpreting the dynamic and interconnected landscape of social and cultural shifts, accelerating technological innovation and shifting business requirements.

5 Trends to Prioritize in 2020

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“While we knew that it was critical to transform our marketing function into a modern marketing engine, SiriusDecisions told us which levers we needed to pull and in which order then provided us with the frameworks, tools and advice needed to do the work.”

- Lisa Cole, Corporate VP, Marketing

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In this guide:

  • - 5 proven trends for CMOs
  • - Fact based research
  • - Market insights
  • - Structure for day-to-day decisions

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In this guide, we describe five trends that will affect the priorities of CMOs and marketing leaders in 2020.

*Results from the 2018 SiriusDecisions Client Study